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Coca Cola FTW

Why was the share a coke campaign such a success? Well, when you take an iconic brand name and personalize it, consumers will want in.. and they did. The idea that first started in Australia and then rolled out across the globe has helped Coca Cola increase its sales by more than 2% in the U.S. The first bottles featured the most common names in each country but since this campaign is brilliant new names were added along with corky terms like "BFF, Bro, and Mate."

There are many reasons why this campaign became so successful but I will list 3 that I feel had the most impact.

1) Personalization: Consumers felt involved with a household brand. The iconic logo was now their own and shareable amongst friends and family. Consumers love personalization whether its a product or an experience and nothings more personal than a name.

2) Viral Content: The #ShareACoke was slapped on every bottle, can, ad, and commercial to encourage everyone to SHARE SHARE SHARE. The organic call to action was so subtle, so genius that it was without second thought to simply share your personalized bottle with the world. Instagram has over 500,000 tags for #ShareACoke and the digital bottles that you can create and share on Coke's website have been created over 6 million times!

3) Integration Strategy: Coke engaged with consumers as much as they could through as many channels as possible. From print ads pushing consumers to find their names, real time digital billboard displaying their names, social campaigns that shared their names and where you could create your name, every medium was utilized.

I love this campaign, everything about the #ShareACoke campaign is genius and I want to give credits to the team of Coca Cola and Ogilvy & Mather who hit a home run with this one. I look forward to seeing more campaigns from these two in the future.

...and that is why "Its Coca Cola For The Win." Stay Creative!

-Jarrod White

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